The Dead Zone - UK - PS - Lettered Edition

Title: The Dead Zone - UK - PS - Lettered Edition
Author: Stephen King
Artist:Tomislav Tikulin
Publisher: PS Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-786364-68-5
Publication Year: 2022 (February)
State: Lettered Edition 1/26
Issue Price: 2,495
Comments: An original illustration (remarque) is included in a special envelope. A book of all the illustrations is also included. The "Letter" is embossed on each book, signature sheet and illustration book. Each of the signature pages also have unique artwork that differentiates each copy. Each signature sheet also has a similar piece of individual artwork, BUT the artwork was RANDOMLY distributed in the envelopes and was not intended to match the corresponding signature sheet. This is by design and has been confirmed directly with Pete Crowther of PS Publishing.
Some examples of these are shown below.

Images courtesy of Alec Smith and Mr Rabbit Trick

Signature Page Art

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