Taheen are fictional characters in author Stephen Kingís Dark Tower series. With human bodies and the heads of animals, the taheen are servants of the Crimson King.

Unlike the can-toi, the taheen do not make any attempt to hide their appearance, and they donít believe they are becoming human. It is believed the taheen do not come from either the Prim or the natural world, but somewhere in between. Sometimes called the third people, the taheen are employed as guards at the Devar-toi, especially in the watchtowers because of their superior eyesight.

There are two major taheen subspecies: avian and mammalian. Avian taheen have bird heads and sometimes talons for hands, and speak in a buzzing dialect. Mammalian taheen have the heads of beasts, speak in a dialect of yelps and growls, and sometimes have claw-like hands and feet.

Although the taheen can speak and reason, their brains must be different from human and can-toi, as they are not susceptible to mind reading. Anyone who tries to read the thoughts of a taheen only hears a white noise.

Original artwork by boehmke



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