Mia is a fictional character in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series One of the discarnate spirits left behind when the Prim receded, Mia’s destiny is to give birth to Mordred, son of four parents: herself, Susannah Dean, the Crimson King, and Roland Deschain. Mia’s name in the High Speech means “mother”.

Early Life

In her discarnate state, Mia haunted Fedic as a sexual vampire, a succubus, responsible for the deaths of many men. While in Fedic, Mia becomes enamored with Michael, one of the few healthy babies born there. The Red Death forces Michael’s parents to leave the town with Michael, leaving Mia heartbroken. Walter sees this and offers her an opportunity: if she gives up her immortality, he will give her a baby.

Mia as Mother

Mia, like all elemental beings, is sterile, but she could carry a baby to term if she had a body. Mia underwent the process of becoming and was allowed to be a surrogate mother to baby Mordred, whom she calls the Chap.

Mia used Susannah Dean to satisfy the Chap’s craving for food, eating bugs, frogs and piglets while Susannah was sleepwalking.


Mia is promised the raising of the Chap for several years by Richard Sayre, but unfortunately is never allowed the privilege. She goes mad at the birth of Mordred, who turns into his spider self and sucks his mother dry as his first meal.


In Song of Susannnah, Mia is described as being a tall and comely white woman, very heavily pregnant. She is wearing a heavy serape, leather pants that stop below the knee and thick soled huaraches. Her hair is black, shoulder length, straight and silky.

Original artwork by Darkthoughts



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