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Jack Mort is a fictional character in author Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. Jack Mort is the subject of the third door Roland discovers on the beach, the one labelled "The Pusher".

An accountant by trade, Jack Mort has a peculiar and dangerous hobby - he likes to "depth charge" people - dropping things on them to kill them.

Mort is the one who drops a brick on five-year-old Odetta Holmes' head, putting her in a coma and bringing about the manifestation of Detta Walker.

Years later, Mort is the one who pushes Odetta onto the tracks at Christopher Street Station, causing her to lose her legs.

Mort is also responsible for pushing Jake Chambers in front a car, killing him and sending him to the Way Station in Roland's world.

Jack Mort's world is divided into two classifications - "Do-Bees" and "Don't Bees". Do-Bees get away with their crimes, while Don't-Bees do not.

Mort wears women's underwear, derives sexual pleasure from his murders, and keeps a scrapbook of his crimes.

Original artwork by Phil Hale



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