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Hart Thorin is a fictional character in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Gangly, unattractive, and balding, Thorin was Hambry’s Mayor and Chief Guard o’ Barony.

Since Thorin’s wife Olive was unable to bear him a child, Thorin made a deal with Cordelia Delgado, Susan’s aunt, for the girl to bear him an heir. Thorin also had notions of having the girl as his long-term mistress. These favors were in exchange for giving Cordelia the deed to the land she and Susan lived on, as it did not belong to them, and three horses, to be given over several months.

Thorin owned a half interest in the Traveller’s Rest with his sister, Coral, but left the running of the business to her. Prone to blathering on in his cultured political tone, Thorin enjoyed strong drink, young girls, and constantly cracking his knuckles. He threw lavish parties at Seafront, the traditional Mayor’s residence, and wore the deep orange-red sash that represented the official color of the Barony of Mejis.

Thorin’s obsession with Susan Delgado left his Chancellor, Kimba Rimer, to run things in Hambry and to work his deals with the Big Coffin Hunters and John Farson. The only thing Thorin cared about where Farson and the Big Coffin Hunters were concerned was his cut of the proceeds.

Thorin was killed by Roy Depape, who slit the Mayor’s throat and mutilated his corpse, then planted Cuthbert’s bird skull, The Lookout, on the Mayor’s body to lay blame at the feet of Roland and his friends.

Original artwork by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove



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