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Eyebolt Canyon is a fictional place in author Stephen Kingís The Dark Tower series. Long and narrow, resembling a chimney on its side, Eyebolt Canyon is the home of a [[thinny]].

Eyebolt Canyon lies to the northwest of Hambry, beyond the Western Drop, the Bad Grass, and Hanging Rock, and about ten miles north of CŲos Hill. Although appearing to be an ordinary box canyon at first glance, Eyebolt Canyon holds a terrible danger in the form of a thinny, a place where the fabric of existence has worn thin.

The thinny appears as a shimmering, silver-green wall that laps at the walls of the rear third of the canyon. Within the thinny are various crustacean-like creatures, and the sound of the thinny gets in oneís head and promises all sorts of things to lure its prey closer.

Once the prey approaches, the thinny reaches out with arm-like appendages and snatches its prize. The prey is pulled into the thinny, with no hope of escape and no other fate than to be eaten alive.

The canyon floor is littered with the bones of unfortunate animals that have wandered into the canyon and not found their way out.

Eyebolt Canyon and its resident thinny were instrumental in Rolandís plan to thwart John Farsonís men. Roland, Cuthbert and Alain lured Farsonís men into the canyon and set fire to a wall of brush behind them, blocking their escape. The thinny took its victims at will.

Original artwork by boehmke.



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