Boom-Flurry is a fictional plant in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Native to the desert region separating Calla Bryn Sturgis and Thunderclap, Boom-Flurries are a sentient and carnivorous form of cactus.

Boom-Flurries are misshapen organ-pipe cacti with thick barrel arms covered in long, sharp needles. Boom-Flurries smell strongly of gin and juniper and can move their spike-covered arms to catch their prey. They feed mainly on lizards and birds, but have been know to catch the occasional unsuspecting horses and humans who become lost in the desert. Upon capturing their prey, the Bloom-Flurry pulls its meal into its central trunk, thus beginning the gradual process of absorption and digestion. Depending on the prey’s size, this process can take anywhere from days to weeks.

Boom-Flurry can live an average of 220 years and grow approximately 16 feet tall.

Original artwork by boehmke.



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