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Blaine the Mono is a fictional character in author Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. Blaine is immortalized as one of the subjects of Jake Chambers' English essay entitled "My Understanding of Truth".

Blaine is a creation of North Central Positronics. Much more than a mere train, Blaine is also a part of the computer intelligence running the city of Lud and influencing the Pubes and Grays that dwell there.

Blaine has gone mad and has split into two personalities: Big Blaine, who runs the show, and Little Blaine, the representative of the remainder of Blaine's sanity.

Blaine is obsessed with riddles, to the point where he makes a deal with Roland and his ka-tet: if they can stump him with a riddle, Blaine will deliver them safely to their destination. If they have failed to stump the Mono by the time they reach Topeka, they will be unwilling participants in Blaine's suicide.

Original artwork by Steve Stone



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