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The Big Coffin Hunters are fictional characters in author Stephen Kingís The Dark Tower series. Comprised of three members Ė Eldred Jonas, [[Roy Depape]], and [[Clay Reynolds]], the Big Coffin Hunters are known for their coffin-shaped tattoos.

The Big Coffin Hunters are harriers for hire, generally working for the highest bidder. They are eventually hired by Kimba Rimer to act as Mayor Thorinís security staff. This alliance was created to cover the fact that the Big Coffin Hunters were really in Hambry to aid John Farson in his bid to capture the oil at Citgo to power his weapons.

Led by [[Eldred Jonas]], a failed gunslinger, the Big Coffin Hunters know many of the gunslingerís tricks and tactics. The Big Coffin Hunters all sport a coffin-shaped tattoo on their right hands on the webbing between their thumbs and forefingers. This tattoo is a common sigul among Farsonís men in one form or another.

Jonas and Depape are killed in Hambry, leaving Reynolds as the sole survivor. Reynolds forms a band of bank robbers with Coral Thorin, and is eventually arrested and hanged in Oakley.

Original artwork by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove



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