Taylor Cujo Guitar - S/L

Title: Taylor Cujo Guitar
Author: N/A
Artist: Bob Taylor
Publisher: Taylor Guitars
Publication Year: 1997
State: Model 10. 1/125
Issue price: $3,498
Comments: Signed by Stephen King. Two models (125 each) were made: #10 Dreadnought shape and #14 Grand Auditorium.

In 1983 the Movie Cujo was filmed on a ranch in California. Wood from a black walnut tree seen in the film was used to make 250 Taylor Cujo guitars. The fingerboard depicts a bat silhouetted against a full moon; the branches of the walnut tree; the barn from which Cujo launches his attacks, and Cujo himself. The inlays were created using mahogany, maple, walnut, green heart abalone, black oyster shell and Formica.

Model 10 (L) and Model 14 (R). Note the subtle differences in body shape

Video of Cujo Grand Auditorium model with custom dark walnut face (the only one I have ever seen):

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