Skeleton Crew - Lettered PC

Title: Skeleton Crew
Author: Stephen King
Artist: J.K. Potter
Publisher: Scream Press
ISBN: 0-910489-12-2
Publication Year: 1985
State: Presentation Copy 1/17
Issue Price: $350
Comments: 69 total books produced. Bound in leather, with a zippered case, and silver gilt-edged pages of which only 8 PCs were offered for sale, the PC copy was identical to the 52 lettered copies.

A single "check copy" bore the handwritten legend "This is Jeff Connor's personal Check Copy/One signature was reprinted, and the poster reprinted as well./This is a one of one edition hand bound./In goat skin in Santa Cruz for promotional use /Jeff Connor Publisher." One of the most visually striking King books. Scream Press underestimated production costs and instead of making a name for themselves, went bankrupt.

Text and images provided by Randall Flagg

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