'Salem's Lot - S/L - Goatskin

‘Salem’s Lot
Stephen King
Jerry N. Uelsmann. Designed by Jerad Walters
Centipede Press
Publication Year:
Leather bound in Goatskin 1/2
Issue Price:
A special print of 2 copies finely bound in the mid 15th Century Gothic Style by Forrest Jackson The goatskin covering leather was provided by Harmatan Leather Ltd. The silk Headbands were designed and sewn by David John Lawrence at the Craft Guild of Dallas and the brass fore-edge clasps were hand fashioned by Jim Croft in Santa, Idaho. Stuart Brockman executed the gold tooling and fellow bookbinder Ben Colborn also lent a helping hand. Signed by Stephen King and other contributers

Interesting Note, the 'first of two' copies has one additional signature (7 instead of 6) and appears to be that of Ben Colborn

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