Regulators, The - Lettered

Title: The Regulators
Author: Richard Bachman
Artist: Toy Box cover: Alan M. Clark Book interior: Stephen Gervais
Publisher: Dutton
ISBN: 0-525-94296-3
Publication Year: 1996
State: Lettered 1/52 Issue
Price: $1,500
Comments:500 Numbered, 52 lettered, at least 2 prototypes (one lettered, one numbered), and approximately 51 “Presentation” copies were produced. Sold by Penguin books (subsidiary of Dutton) via telephone, on a first come first served basis on 10/08/1996, with a limit of 1 per person.

Few knew that you could not only order a numbered copy, but a lettered copy via phone also. Lettered copies had 30–30 cartridges which protruded from the front and back book covers.
Peter Schneider-engineer for the limited edition of The Stand, was the principal architect for this edition, aided by Joe Stefko (of Charnel House, a small press).
Well into the project, Schneider brought up the matter of the limitation sheets with King. King responded: “Bachman was dead, so how could he sign books?”
The solution was elegantly simple: Insert dummy checks signed by the writer, which in Bachman’s case meant Stephen King as Bachman. King signed all the checks, and on at least one occasion signed as Stephen King instead of Bachman.
Checks 1-399 were written by Schneider himself and featured various amounts and reference notes. Notes referred to characters, businesses etc. in previous King books. Starting at check 400, Peter’s wife assisted. Some amounts and notes were duplicated.
A review of the list of Lettered copies reveals real life publishers, book stores, authors etc. EX: JJ-Betts Bookstore, PP-Harlan Ellison.
For information on Numbered editions, go HERE:

The Lettered featured the following:
Hand sewn
Hand bound in brown Morocco leather and Winchester 30 caliber bullets
The spine has the title and author’s name blind stamped wet to look like it was branded
The endleaves are of hand made and colored paste paper
The book is housed in a hand made faux-ammunition box covered in wood veneer with gold stamping on the side.

Text and images provided by Randall Flagg

DesignationMade out toAmountMemo
ACarrie White$125.00Prom Dress
BBen Mears$22.50Leftover baseball bats
CDanny Torrance$10.00Tour through topiary
DGuiding Grace Baptist Church$20.00Corn dollys for Claudia
EGlen Bateman$100.00$ to play in Vegas
FJohn Smith$100.00Tutoring
GAndrew McGee$150.00Help in Vegas
HJoe Camber$25.00St. Bernard pup for Claudia
IRoland$50.00Old 6 shooter
JArnie Cunningham$10.00Acne cream
KRoland LeBay$50.00Body work
LLouis Creed$25.00New clothes for Gage
MJack Sawyer$25.00Book idea
NWilliam Halleck$20.00Diet advice
OTaduz Lemke$35.00Pie for Claudia
PReverend Lester Lowe$50.00Counselling for Claudia
QPennywise Party Entertainment$100.00Balloons for Claudia
RCenter Street Appliances$275.00Amana for Claudia
SAnnie Wilkes$250.00Nursing care for Claudia
THaven Toys n'Things$15.00Magic set for Claudia
UCastle Rock Wings 'n Claws Pet Store$85.00Sparrows cage for Claudia
VJunction City Public Library$5.00Library card for Claudia
WTwin City Camera & Video$69.95Polaroid Sun 660 for Claudia
XNeedful Things$6.98Geegaw for Claudia
YWentworth Ben Franklin$14.95MotoKop for Claudia
ZDesperation Stationary Nook$65.00Postcards for Claudia
AAEwen High School$24.00Prom tickets for Claudia
BBBarlow & Straker Antiques$900.00Hepplewhite for Claudia
CCOverlook Hotel$50.00Tkt. to Masked Ball for Claudia
DDProject Blue$100.00Holiday spa for Claudia
EEMajor Stebbins$100.00Registration fee for Claudia
FFCathy's Roadhouse$65.00Party for Claudia
GGCaptain Hollister$3,000.00Holiday spa for Claudia
HHMount Hope Cemetary$300.00Plot for Claudia
IIArrowhead Project$100.00Holiday for Claudia
JJBetts Bookstore$325.00Ltd. ed. of The Regulators
KKThe Overlook Connection$200.001st edition Small World
LLWeinberg Books$150.00Bound galley of One on One
MMDr. Armitage$300.00Photos for Antarctic expedition
NNWilber Whateley$20.00Yardwork
OOStephenie Leonard$25.00Sub. to Castle Rock
PPHarlan Ellison$25.00Copy of Last Dangerous Visions
QQWilliam G. Thompson$500.00Editorial work
RRPhantasia Press$300.00Asbestos Firestarter
SSMadam Marie$30.00Fortune telling
TTInnsmouth Sporting Goods$225.00Scuba gear/breakwater
UUDouglas Winter$200.00Ltd. ed. of Prime Evil
VVMiskatonic University$4,000.00Old books
WWMr. Nyarlathotep$175.0011 of the thousand young
XXRobert Block$25.00Jar w/heart
YYChris Chesley$500.00Shares of Triad
ZZRobert Weinberg$1,000.00Keeping a secret

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