Dystopia - Lettered

Richard Christian Matheson
Gauntlet Press
Publication Year:
Lettered 1/26 Housed in a beveled traycase. Signed by King.
Issue Price:
Short story collection by Richard Christian Matheson. You may have heard it referred to as The Blue Moment, or Barking Sands or Bedlam, but Richard's final choice for a title is Dystopia.

Richard is admired by almost every writer in the genre. Over 20 authors have written short introductions, either to specific stories that made a lasting impression on them or anecdotes about Richard himself. Those contributing include Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Poppy Z. Brite, Ramsey Campbell, Joe Lansdale, Ray Garton, David Schow, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Dennis Etchison, Ray Bradbury, Melissa Mia Hall, Steve Jones, Doug Winter, Stanley Wiater, George Clayton Johnson, Chet Williamson, F. Paul Wilson, Ed Gorman, Craig Spector, Mick Garris and Ed Bryant. ALL except Ray Bradbury will be signing the book. King only signed the 26 Copy Lettered edition. Richard Christian Matheson is the son of famed writer Richard Matheson.

The audio CD included with the lettered edition consisted of songs from "The Existers". The Existers was/is a three-piece Psycho Surf band consisting of writer Richard Christian Matheson, Jason D McKean, and Jim Hagopian.

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