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Howdy, folks. I have created this thread in an effort for the site to create a catalog of information about King collectibles. I know that many of you have very rare and sought after editions of King's work, and wondered if you would be willing to use this thread as a kind of catchall to list and post any available images of these books. I'm talking My Pretty Pony, The Plant, Dolan's Cadillac, The Stand (in casket case), etc. Any edition, we'd like a listing and pic for it, as well as first edition markers or any other identifiers for these books. Anything useful or cool.

And that's about it. Once we have a good number of submissions here, I can translate that into a page and can add that to the Collectors pages. I am wanting to create a graphical index portal for these books, set up as though one is looking at a bookcase. You click on the book you want to know more about and it links you through to a listing for that book, giving all of the editions and the collectible info that I detailed in the previous paragraph. So pics of book spines would be appreciated as well.

Thanks everyone. And if you have any suggestions or further input on how to make this better, I am all ears. I enjoy collecting, but am a novice--and a poor one at that. Your expert opinions mean a lot to me.

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