Books about Stephen King and his Work:Stephen King

Title: Stephen King
Author: Douglas E. Winter
Artist: Stephen E. Fabian
Publisher: Starmont House
ISBN: 0-916732-44-4
Publication Year: October, 1982
State: Trade Hardback (No dust jacket, as issued)
Issue Price: $17.95
First Edition Identifiers: States "First Edition" on Copyright Page
Comments: As with all Starmont House books, the Trade Hardback and Softcovers were printed simultaneously. Only a few hundred copies, at most, of the hardback were released to satisfy the demand of Librarians and completest collectors.

Number 16 in the Starmont Readers Guide, this is the first look at Stephen King from a single perspective. Winter would eventually follow up this book with a full length authorized look at Stephen King in Stephen king: The Art of Darkness

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