Bill Hodges Trilogy

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Title: The Bill Hodges Trilogy
Author: Stephen King
Artist:MM: Jacket Illustration Sam Weber, Jacket Design Tal Goretsky, Interior Design Erich Hobbing.
FK: Jacket Illustration Sam Weber, Jacket Design , Interior Design Erich Hobbing.
EOW: Jacket Design by Jaya Miceli. Back Illustration by Sam Weber. Interior Design by Erich Hobbing
ISBN: 978-1-5011-4206-2
Publication Year:June, 2016
State: 3 slipcased hardbacks
Issue Price: $90.00
Comments: Three new dustjackets were created for the trilogy.There is no price on the DJ's, no blurbs on the back, and no UPC bars. Scribner trade hardbacks were used, but not ever trilogy has all 1st printings.

Three Sides of Slipcase:

Rear dustjackets of three books:

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