The Golden Rule is simple: if you post anything written by you, don't omit to comment of whatever is posted by others.

No strict rules are going to be applied (at least not yet. They may, however, be introduced in the future, if commenting is neglected), but please keep it in mind: if you want your works to be read and appreciated, so does everybody, whether they admit it or not.

The comments don't have to be all complimentary. I believe that if we are courageous enough to post here, we must be strong enough to take some criticism. Moreover, the better a piece of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, the more seriously it should be taken by others, - and serious approach involves seeing the shortcomings as well as the merits. Don't belittle your fellow authors with flattery.

But, of course, if you like something, don't hesitate to say it out loud! We all need frank criticism, and we all need sincere praise - provided they are frank and sincere, and that's what we all should aspire to.

Thank you.