BEFORE, you read what follows which, does contain spoilers) WATCH the series if you can!!! I think it's really well done. Amazon, surely committed substantial funds to it's success. FX are pretty good, cast is AMAZING and production qualities are very good. Plot is very good as well and the best "Pandemic" inspiration for TV/Film I've seen to date and I watch A LOT of TV!! lol

Feel free to discuss with out spoiler tags

Okay, I looked a lot and didn't see any related threads I could find (with my admittedly hugely limited tech skills) so, I started one without spoiler tags mainly, because I had a (what I think may well be an admittedly weird) inspiration for a story/novel/series I can't follow through on and am too old to try to profit from so I give it to the world. BTW deom what I could find in my research it's original. IMHO, if properly followed through on it could make it out there in the world of Fiction:

What if "Deep Thought" (from THGTG), was done as a serious attempt at Sci-Fi rather than a few lines of humor and coupled with this series premise and the addition of "Cider House Rules" (an Academy Award winning film) seen as the inspiration for the film/series/Novel I'm referencing here. I see the profound connections and the basic inspirations here but, if you have questions, technical suggestiona and/or additions please feel free to post. In fact, I encourage it and hope for something to come out of this as a result of you, the creative folks of this website!!

The premise of, SOLOS is memory inspired "programming" that results in the hopeful saving of mankind in the future. Now, how 'I" connected it to, Deep Thought/HGTTG is gonna sound really strange and perhaps far-fetched, but I would think creative folks good see it as real inspiration. I mean our favorite and perhaps most farly read writer was high on Coke and alchohol half his career and still managed to write and sell successfully his stuff so "why not"?

After a little abuse combination of doctor prescribed meds, combined with 3 puffs of "Big Bud" street dealer weed last nite, I woke up to "Cider House Rules" playing on my TV. Somehow, I made this very real connection not from the DTV program guide (APTV requires a smarTV device ro be switched on in order to change to original programming. For the record, I wasn't on APTV yesterday at any point and I haven't seen or read HGTTG in at least a year. So, my "Brain" (limited as it may be perceived to be here on this forum) made this connection and it persisted throughout the morning seeming very real and something I could'nt shake which is, kinda the point no?

What if, "Earth" is noting but the most advanced computer ever designed and built (let's try and avoid the obvious comedic references) and "Programming" was enacted through memory manipulation and results? What if, we're really just "programs" in this computer manipulated to produce program results like "The Matrix" but, for real and not to make us into "batteries" but living "Programs" designed to produce collectively a desired outcome like saving humanity in some form but as a desired result of some alien creation similar to, the Matrix/pandemic inspired recent offerings? What if, it's more along the lines of, Von Daniken ( What if? Einstein, Gaileo and all the people responsible for the "Significant advancement of mankind" were really significant "Upgrades" to the program desired to produce some unforeseen result by an alien race or "future" world not unlike the Marvel comics but with a more realistic treatment applied to a novel/series/film production? And, what if? CHR depicted a more detailed and desired approach result from that signifacntly traumatic period in time.

IDK, but it seems to me that in the right creative hands it could be a fantasically successful fiction novel/series/film. I realize that the "Foundation Series" deals with a similar basis but, doesn't take the approach I feel applies to my "Fucked up" inspiration. Somehow, CHR integration would be at a more recent point in history and perhaps be critical to humanity's salvation or a required (maybe prefferred outcome) correction of a major alien program error (?) Of course, a fictional conclusion/desired result would be needed for a "Non-SK" ending but could also take inspiration from the epilogue of "11/21/63" (Of note when I did a search for the novel on Wiki the date did not show as a novel of his in the first suggestions just the TV series. Kinda weird, no?)?

So, I'll add more later, but I have a "Tele" doctor appointment right now. Expand on it, make it your own or totaly debunk it and move on. Whatever the case DO watch the APTV series I hihly reccommend it!!