Some unusual items available in an upcoming movie from from a Los Angeles auction house
- The Green Mile (movie) : the Delacroix electrocution puppey + the electric chair :
Those are page 33 of the PDF catalog

- Stephen King signed letter to Forrest Ackerman
A letter written and signed by Stephen King from the collection of Forrest J. Ackerman. King sent friend and fellow sci-fi writer “Forry” this note to celebrate the official launch of his Ackerman Collection of memorabilia. This letter is typewritten on King’s
personal letterhead dated “September 21, 1982” and addressed to Ronald Waite, Ackerman’s long-time personal assistant. It is hand-signed by King in black ink and comes with the original envelope sent from King’s home in Bangor, Maine. The letter is in good overall condition with the envelope torn and stained from opening.
p157 of the pdf catalog

Pdf catalog available here :

And many more horror movie props (alien, star wars, friday the 13th...), Batman, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones,