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The Directors make up the site's administrative team, and are the highest level of authority on Their purpose is the overall maintenance of the site, management of lower level staff, and conceptualization of future features and projects to maximize the site's potential. The Directors are designated by a purple username, and can be contacted through individual email or through their general email,

Forum Managers

Forum Managers are moderator managers on the site and are each assigned a Primary and Secondary forum Section to manage. The primary section is their first and foremost priority, while the secondary forum is one where they act as a back-up, in the case that the primary manager for that section is unavailable. The Facilitators assigned to the Forum Manager's primary section are their direct reports, although Facilitators assigned to their secondary section may be required to follow their direction when they are filling in. The primary function of Forum Managers is to act as leaders and guides to the Facilitators of the site, while maximizing member activity in their assigned area(s). Forum Managers are designated by a green username. At this time, they do not have assigned site emails, so contact with them must be made via Personal Message.

Forum Facilitators

Forum Facilitators are the first line of contact between the members of the site and the administration. Facilitators are meant to do exactly as their title would indicate: they use the tools necessary to assist members and conversation in order to to maintain a productive flow on the forums. Facilitators are limited in their duties, according to their assigned forums, and are intented to remain specific to one section of the forums, in order to give members and threads in that area the attention that they deserve. Facilitators are designated by a blue username, and can be contacted via Personal Message.

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