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05-06-2007, 08:30 PM
The Villagers is a forum for discussion about specific characters in the Dark Tower novels and related works.

Threads: If you wish to discuss a character who does not have an existing thread, by all means create one and discuss away! However, discussion of any aspects of a character who has an existing thread, should go in that thread - otherwise we just end up with millions of RF threads (for example) with variations on a title all essentially discussing the same thing.

Spoilers:Due to the length of time since the release of the final Dark Tower book and provided areas on this website for first-time readers, spoilers will be allowed in this forum, except as listed below:

Content which would give away the end of the series MUST be marked with Spoiler Tags

Content which gives away deaths of major characters MUST be marked with Spoiler Tags

Content which gives away the ending of any other King book MUST be marked with Spoiler Tags

Threads which allow spoilers to go unmarked are permissible, if the thread is labelled in its title as a Spoiler Thread (ex- Thread title: Asfdglsajf ***SPOILERS), but the topic must be tagged in its first post with the radioactive post icon

These Spoiler Requirements apply to The Villagers forum specifically, and may not apply in other forums. When posting elsewhere, please always review that forum's Spoiler Requirements before posting potentially sensitive material. Spoiler Tags can be applied by typing SPOILER and /SPOILER in tags around the applicable lines of your post, or by clicking on the radiation icon in the formatting options in your post box. When using Spoiler Tags, please note which book/story the spoilers refer to above the tagged spoiler. If you have any questions concerning possible Spoilers, please contact a member of site staff for clarification.

Thank you all, and have fun on the forums.