View Full Version : Fan Fiction Posting Guidelines--READ BEFORE POSTING

07-17-2007, 08:04 PM
The I, Gan forum is intended for member-posted works of fan fiction. Fan fiction is a touchy area, in that it is very easy—due to the nature of the content—to cross the line between acceptable fan fiction and copyright infringement. Indeed, many believe that there is no such thing as “acceptable fan fiction”. In the interest of meeting the needs and interests of our member-base, thedarktower.org has elected to create this area. The following guidelines are the reason that we are able to do this, and must be adhered to in order to legally protect the site. Site staff reserves the right to remove any work at any time.

1. No work of fan fiction may use clearly delineated characters from the original author’s work. Any character that was fleshed out in the original work cannot play a role in your story.

2. No work of fan fiction can continue or create any other derivation of a storyline begun by the author of the original work. Sequels and prequels are forbidden.

3. All fan fiction works must have their text posted here. Links to outside sites where your work is posted is not permissible, and links will be removed.

4. www.thedarktower.org in no way endorses any member’s posted works. If a member posts a fan fiction piece that incites the original author or their publisher to take action against the member, thedarktower.org refuses any and all legal responsibility for the posted work. Members are solely liable for their posts.

5. Every fan fiction work posted in this forum must include the following disclaimer text in their post prior to the text of the story:

The following work is based on the fiction of [original author’s name]. It is for entertainment purposes only and will not monetarily benefit me or thedarktower.org.

Failure to place this disclaimer text at the heading of a posted work of fan fiction will result in the thread being locked for a period no longer than three days. If the posting member has not edited their post to include the disclaimer text within that period of time, the thread will be deleted.

Please keep to these guidelines at all times so that we can continue to have this area for further exploration of the fantasy worlds we've come to love. If you have any questions about what is and isn't acceptable, please inquire in the sticky Questions thread in this forum.