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Eternal Unity
05-04-2019, 11:13 AM
The following work is based on the fiction of Stephen King. It is for entertainment purposes only and will not monetarily benefit me or thedarktower.org.

The Dark Tower:
The Spike of Existence


Gregory Margolis


The Crucible of Energy

Prologue – Initiation One

Part 1
The Legend of the Tower

Chapter I – The Pendulum
Chapter II – Trial of a General
Chapter III – Coronation
Chapter IV – A Pilgrimage to the Advisor

Part 2
Disciples of the Sacred Oath

Chapter V – Forged in Frozen Abyss
Chapter VI – Battle of Jericho
Chapter VII – Carriages
Chapter VIII – Temptation of Solitude
Chapter IX – At the Healer’s Temple

Part 3
Journey of a Gunslinger

Chapter X – Remembrance
Chapter XI – Freedom & Smoke
Chapter XII – Supremacy
Chapter XIII – A Meeting in the Desert
Chapter XIV – Notes
Chapter XV – The Acceptance of the Code

Part 4
Eyes of Truth

Chapter XVI – Wisdom of the Overlords
Chapter XVII – Symmetrical Visionary Insight
Chapter XVIII – The Eternal Unifier

Epilogue – Platform Nineteen

The Author’s Perspective


Rise, my clandestine, thy secrecies invoked.
“Move, General”
“You’ve got to move, sir”
The General seemed to freeze in his tracks. Probably contemplating his next action, Charlie thought.
Charles Lee was the general’s second in command and if his superior won’t do something and do it soon, his general would be dead meat. A sequence of events that would mean only one thing: He, Charlie, is going to take command of The Squad. A certainly desired post, but he didn’t feel ready for it. Not in the slightest.

Fall, from distant worlds, red eyed skies above.
The sniper, First Sergeant Corey Quigley, has lain in the same position for 40 minutes. Steady breathing. Camouflaged.
This guy, Charlie thought, had it all figured out: Wind Speed, Temperature, fuckin’ Barometric Pressure. But you know what the most important thing he said is? Patience. The target is attracted to my scope, he said. Always. If you wait enough time, the enemy is toasted.

Hark, Lures of the Siren.
Wesley Michaels is a ladies man. A gambler. An addict. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. At twenty-seven, he was twice divorced, did a year in jail and impregnated three women. Wes could have been the perfect soldier if not for his authority problems. Undisciplined Fearless Human Machine. or “The Pirate” as he was nicknamed since boot camp.

Beyond the veils of dawn.
A helicopter’s engine is heard in the distance. The general is awakened from his trance.
“This stake out is useless.” Wes whispered.
“Shhh” Colonel Lee tried to silence him. This stake out is of the UTMOST importance, damn it, Wes, didn’t you listen to the briefing?
General David Anderson looked at his compass.
Quigley squeezed the trigger.
An explosion – 10,000 nuclear weapons just went of, Wes thought – brightened the eastern horizon.
“Holy Smokes” Wes Shrieked.
“Mission accomplished” Anderson declared. “We’ll convene at the usual rendezvous point at fifteen hundred hours.”

To be continued…

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