View Full Version : 2017 Haven Fundraiser Auction #9-Whelan signed Art, Schawg, BabyTattoo, Stephen King

Randall Flagg
02-19-2017, 02:27 PM
AUCTION LINK (http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/201825638792?)

Up for auction is assorted “schwag” and cool stuff , most of which was given to Kickstarter backers of Michael Whelan’s “Beyond Science Fiction: The Art of Michael Whelan” art opening at the Riverside Art Museum, Saturday May 11th, 2017

Included are:
A Michael Whelan signed print of his piece “A World of Her Own”. Retail Value >$99.00. This print is 32”x24”!

A hand drawn instant piece of art Michael drew the night of the event. This is on an oversized business card that Michael hands out very sparingly as it included his personal contact info. I call it “Beware the Crimson King”. Retail value: Priceless.

A button for special donors that was handed out to only a select few. People were clamoring to get one. Retail value: Unknown.

A cardboard flyer and a postcard promoting the event. Both sides are shown, so only one of each to the winner.

A limited print hardback copy of BabyTattoo’s book “BeautiesBeasts”. Retail value $99

Numerous postcards featuring art from BabyTattoo’s book “BeautiesBeasts”. Retail value $10+

A T-shirt printed by Ka-Tet 19. These cool artists handed out a few samples of their new shirts. Check out their website launch at Ka-tet19 (dot)net Retail value $30

No reserve!

02-19-2017, 07:17 PM
This is a cool fucking auction. And while I love Whelan, that shirt is badass.

02-20-2017, 07:22 AM
Well I managed to double the bid on it but someone has the bar set high on this one so far. I'll jump back in on Friday after payday and see where it's at!

02-20-2017, 03:26 PM
Way cool!!!!!!

Randall Flagg
02-23-2017, 06:17 PM
Can't we give this some love?
$100 is almost embarrassing.

02-23-2017, 06:53 PM
Great auction.

02-23-2017, 08:11 PM
Can't we give this some love?
$100 is almost embarrassing.

Why, El Jefe are you "shilling" for bids here? lol lol lol

02-24-2017, 06:21 AM
Still a couple days to go, hopefully it gets more views. I just gave it a boost on Twitter too.

Randall Flagg
02-25-2017, 01:35 PM
Less than 24 hours to go. Come on people!

02-25-2017, 01:47 PM
Man, that looks like a really tasty assortment for the, Whelan crowd!!!! The one piece alone is worth $100.

02-26-2017, 07:47 PM
And I get to bring it home. This will go awesome with the beyond science fiction set I got as well!

03-01-2017, 10:17 AM
Just got everything in and man I am impressed by the A World of her own print. I love the paper choice and it's not your standard high gloss poster like print. It's a truly beautiful painting! Can't wait to open the other package of all the small goodies tonight.