View Full Version : New England in King's Writing

12-09-2016, 04:45 AM
Being a Massachusetts New Englander myself, I love seeing the New England influences in King's writing. Some of the influences are obvious: Maine and Boston settings, Maine accents, old-time New England houses and the objects that fill them, New England outfits.

But some of King's New England influences are more subtle. For instance, I just started rereading the series and in the Gunslinger when Roland goes into the saloon/bar in Tull he takes the "hamburg from the fridge" as he prepares to leave Tull (before his first gun battle).

"Hamburg" is short for ground beef/hamburger meat to us New Englanders. :-)

I think that for this rereading I am going to pay attention to these New England influences (as well as all the amazing foreshadowing taking place!). I try to take this literary approach with LOTR every time I reread the series (reading from a different angle/focusing on a specific character or theme), but I usually forget to follow through early into The Two Towers because I get too wrapped up enjoying the story! But I'll try!

Have any of you noticed any New England subtleties in the Dark Tower series before? If so, what have you found?