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Hi guys! I don't think I've posted anything in here before. This was written a few years back in a manic half hour fury after a night full of strange dreams. This is still in preliminary stages...it is rough and unedited. The other day I looked for it to send it to someone and discovered ALL copies were lost, but it has risen from the grave thanks to a friend. It's reanimation I think is inspiring me to get back to it...definitely incomplete...maybe a short story; maybe even a novel. We'll see! Anyhow I hope you guys enjoy. A few of y'all have already read this. Warning...possibly slightly offensive!

*What God Wants*

It was 1978 when my gramma' died. Soon after this I learned the why of it
all. I learned what god wants. At first all I could do was cry and pray and
beg for him to take it back. Of course now I know it doesn't quite work
like that. I was seven then. I'm much older now and know more because of it.

But again, it was 1958 and I was 7 and my gramma was most of what was
good for me and to me. We lived in an old generic kit house from a
catalog. It was plain and ordinary just like thousands of others.

When gramma died it wasn't really anybody's fault or at least that's what
everyone told me. I knew different. I knew it was god's fault. A greedy god
who wanted her for himself.

As I already said, it devastated me when it happened. I'd cry deep into
the night bargaining and begging god. I knew he could take it back. God can
do anything, right? So he just didn't wanna'. No amount of begging worked.
I offered him various toys in trade and promised to do anything if he'd
only give her back. Still no dice!

One September afternoon months after she died I was cajoling god the same
as usual...at least what had become usual then. I'd gone out in the woods
behind our house with my favorite doll along with me. In a tantrum of
uncommon proportion I swung my doll by her ankles headfirst into a tree as
I shouted for god to take it back. My doll's soft plastic head came off on
the last swing. As you've probably guessed by now god didn't send her back.

After a few more minutes of crying I heard leaves rustling behind a tree
some ways off. Then a few minutes after that Gramma' walked out from behind
one of those trees with my doll's head in her hand.

She had a sad smile on her face. Sad, I thought then because of my doll. I
know differently now. She hugged me tight and watched me bury my doll.
You have to bury your own Gramma' told me. She was the last doll I'd
ever have.

After a short while where gramma' and I talked and laughed and played
gramma' got up and walked behind a tree. I thought it was a game again and
dashed behind the same tree. She was gone! Naturally I ran around and
looked everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found

The next morning I brought god the neighbor's cat. I'd beaten it's head in
with a rock. I didn't dislike the neighbor and I didn't dislike his cat. I
just loved gramma' more and wanted god to take it back again.

Bludgeoned and bloody I carried the cat out into the woods. I lay the cat
down on a tree stump and again asked god to take it back.

God gave me awhile longer with gramma' this time. She stayed most of
the day. We had great fun! In the back of my mind I guess I knew god
would take her away again, but while she was here I couldn't really
think about that.
Eventually though she did the old behind the tree trick again and in time
I'd come to know it well and could maybe even feel a little bit when the
time was coming.

I went a week without seeing gramma after that. A week trying to figure
out what to bring god next. I only knew the preacher speaking about
sacifices in the bible.

The next time I went I brought my dog. She was a beautiful little dog and
I loved her. I hugged her tight and cut her throat with a knife. God was
happy. For three days when I went out to the woods gramma' just waited for
me. I'd completely forgot about her tree trick until she got up and
vanished again.

All that fall and early into the winter god was pleased with my offerings that
I brought him. I've gotta' tell you though the neighborhood was
beginning to get riled up about all those missing animals. Something
had to be done they said.

Something would be done. I'd have to stop. The strays were getting thin
anyhow and noone left their pets out anymore. I hadn't seen gramma'
for nearly a month.

It was three days before christmas when mom died. She apparently had
taken too much of her medicines. The doctor said she went peacefully
and she
seemed to. She died in her sleep. And gramma' waited on me out there
everyday into the spring. The holidays were wonderful. Gramma helped me
feel better about losing mom.

Dad however wasn't holding up so well. Sometimes I'd catch him with tears
streaking his face. I felt so bad for him. He'd started drinking. One
night dad got drunk and fell down the steps. He kept telling me to
call a doctor. A few days later I did. When the doctor got there I was

Gramma' stayed with me this time till I was fifteen or so. We lived in
little hole-in-the-wall motels and boarding houses where no one
questioned anything. She worked odd jobs, little restaraunt and
babysitting type jobs. We kinda' lived hand to mouth, but it was a good

Then one day I came home and she was gone.

I waited a week for her to come back. At first I thought she might have
abandoned me, but she'd never do that and deep down I knew what had
happened and what to do about it. Luckily while I wasn't gorgeous I wasn't
plain either.

I went in to the city. I took gramma's car and hung around in some of the
more seedy places where I could still justify a girl of my age hanging out if
questioned...small town arcades and bowling alleys. Eventually my plan
would work.

That didn't take long it turns out. At the very first arcade I went to an
older guy...must have been in his thirties started talking me up. I told
him we could go to my place and that my gramma' wouldn't be back till late.
This much was the truth. I stabbed him in the back repeatedly as he was
undressing. Blood drops cascaded and splattered everywhere...on the walls
and the ceiling and all over my naked body. And gramma' came back late that

I started killing one lecherous guy after another first every other night;
than every night. I knew god was pleased with my offerings. I didn't really
like it, but we all have to make sacrifices. Haha!

And of course there was always gramma. She helped me clean up and
move on to the next place. With
such frequent offerings she never left. Another consequence of these
gifts...another of god's gifts is I'm still alive. The year is 2215
now and I'm still alive.

See what God wants...what he really wants is destruction and death.
He created us to give it to him.

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That's good Brice. I really enjoyed that.

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Thank you friends! I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Wow, Brice.
This was really good. It sucked me in immediately. Thanks for sharing it. :thumbsup:

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Thank you Amanda! It was my first story. :)

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Just wow.
One of those stories that scare the pants off of me because they are so believable.
Thank you for giving me the storyline for my next nightmare, Brice :lol: (I mean it as a compliment :thumbsup: :couple: )

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LOL Thank you! Hopefully I can give you more nightmares! :couple:

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First time stopping by Turtleback Lane. Couldn't come through without offering my compliments on this piece, Brice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sucked me in from the first line and had me until the end. Well done.

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First time stopping by Turtleback Lane. Couldn't come through without offering my compliments on this piece, Brice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sucked me in from the first line and had me until the end. Well done.

Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you so much. :) It still needs some work on it.

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‘God is not a man’ (Numbers 23:19)

‘For I am God, and not man’ (Hosea 11:9)

‘God is not a man nor a son of man’ (Numbers 23:19)

so we dont know

06-15-2019, 09:56 AM
‘God is not a man’ (Numbers 23:19)

‘For I am God, and not man’ (Hosea 11:9)

‘God is not a man nor a son of man’ (Numbers 23:19)

so we dont know

You might want to read the first post in this thread. :orely:

Welcome to the boards.

06-15-2019, 11:54 AM
Just read it and loved it