View Full Version : The Children of Roderick *spoilers*

10-12-2012, 06:53 AM
I know this is supposed to be for individual character discussion, but the Rods are kind of the bastard children of All-World, so I suppose I'll just lump them all together (they never did get much respect did they?) here on this post.

I want to first say that it is revealed that the one Rod ("Chucky") is going to take a basketfull of wadded up tissues home to his lady, and they are going to share boogers later, and the he's going to proceed to "poke" her, I gagged. I am gagging now infact, writing this. I've read alot of SK in my life... this is the nastiest thing Ive ever read in my entire life (I suppose I owe Sai King thanks.... takes talent to make a man gag while reading). It really gives you a feeling for how lowly these Rods are, and how gross they are.

But... where did they come from originally? Why do they stay in Thunderclap? Will no other part of the world have them? You'd think they'd be happier elsewhere. Maybe not. Did they start out nasty and gross, or just become that way once they started "mutating"? Just curious.