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10-26-2007, 01:09 PM
Please do NOT start new threads in this forum. I will start threads as the need for artwork arises.

All artwork remains property of the artist, however, by submitting artwork to the contest you are giving thedarktower.org permission to use your artwork. All artwork must be the original work of the artist submitting it, and only one submission per artist per contest, please.

Towerpedia! is an online encyclopedia of all things Dark Tower. Please read the Towerpedia! posting guidelines located here (http://www.thedarktower.org/palaver/showthread.php?t=707) before submitting art. All winning entries will be posted to the appropriate article for a minimum of one month. Please try to adhere to the general feel of the Dark Tower novels when submitting entries - the whole point here is to be consistent with Sai King's general interpretation of Roland's world.

Threads will have a specific closing date, normally two weeks. Anyone wishing an extension should PM me or email me at daghain@thedarktower.org to ask for an extension. You may also post in the relevant artwork thread to ask for an extension. Contest can be extended up to two times for a total of no more than two weeks (two one-week extensions or one two-week extension) and will be determined by management. Individual artists who habitually request extensions will be denied such on the basis that they are unable or unwilling to meet current deadlines, thus creating an unfair advantage against those who have already submitted their entires.

All members are eligible, regardless of post count. All members will also be eligible to vote on submissions as well.

If there is only one submission in the thread at the contest closing date, management reserves the right to either use the submission or reopen the contest at a later date. If the submission is used, the artist will receive the same prize he or she would have won if there had been competing submissions.

If there is a tie in the voting poll, a second poll will be opened for a "vote off" of the tying entries. If this poll also results in a tie, management will make the final decision as to the winner. In addition, anyone who makes it to the tying round will receive the DT.com bracelet or a similar DT-related item.

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