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  1. Moniker that melody
  2. Spoon Me: the spoonerism game
  3. What's in a Word?
  4. Purely Symbolic
  5. Tri bond
  6. Is there any more desire for a riddling forum?
  7. Losing My Religion
  8. Equations ?
  9. Odd One Out
  10. Anagrams
  11. The search for the Dark Tower...
  12. Short and Sweet
  13. what am I?
  14. Anagrams II (the revenge of D'oh!)
  15. Blaine's a pain
  16. Find the Word
  17. Find the Word... the sequel
  18. Find the word - The Revenge!
  19. We are shadows of the one unholy ghost :rose:
  20. One day baby, we'll be old
  21. I'm Back....
  22. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
  23. A "Zombie" for Mike.
  24. A "Zombie" for Mike.
  25. My Turn!
  26. I just realized the voices in my head are Russian hackers!
  27. A MODified 'Zombie' riddle tribute to Walter O'Dim. aka "This Bug's for you!"
  28. For every virgin there is the first time, and this is my virginal first time........
  29. After fostering a culture of strict kaizen, we said, What the Hell! and had a party.
  30. As empty as a box of tissues in a teenage boy’s room, hey, some kids have allergies.
  31. All your money won't aother minute buy
  32. 4 Dead in Ohio!
  33. Wait, I see a tongue! Some asshole is licking my peephole!
  34. As I look into a sky of snow in wonder, I am told that I need to pay more in taxes.
  35. We all came out to Montreux On the Lake Geneva shoreline
  36. When is a door not a door? When is a riddle...
  37. A 1" paddle bit, A Dewalt drill and a bunch of room temperature watermelons.
  38. If Karma's a Bitch, and Magma's hot, what the Hell is Dogma?
  39. Is Jar Jar Binks the love child of Goofy and Kamala Harris?
  40. Warp Speed is a healthy alternative to the harmful UV emissions of Light Speed.