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  1. Town Commons Spoiler Requirements
  2. Mid-World Military Structure
  3. Gunslingers - discussion of their roles, social positions and functions
  4. Ka
  5. The 12 Guardians of the Beams
  6. There are others worlds than these.
  7. Time differences between worlds/levels of the Tower *spoilers*
  8. Ok so we know Roland's world has moved on....
  9. The nature of the Rose *hard spoilers*
  10. Roland: Enemy Of The White And Gan? *Spoilers for the whole series*
  11. Unfound... the meaning and associations? ***Spoilers
  12. Keystone World *DT7 spoilers*
  13. High Speech... what is it?
  14. The Purple Blade of Grass
  15. White and Crimson
  16. The Gunslinger's Guns - General Discussion
  17. the beams: Are they alive **Spoilers**
  18. The Clearing?
  19. Gan=God? (Not a religious discussion) **Spoilers**
  20. ka=Gan? **Spoilers, entire series**
  21. Doors Between Worlds
  22. Author of existence *probable spoilers*