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  3. Get to know Dt.Org's Staff-#1 Ari_Racing
  4. Get to know Dt.Org's staff #2-Shannon-4/28/2013-5/5/2013
  5. Get to Know Dt.Org's Staff #3- Odetta - 5/5/2013-5/11/2013
  6. Get to know DT.Org's Staff #4-Randall Flagg 5/12-5/18
  7. Get to Know Dt.Org's Staff #5-fernandito 5/19/13-5/25/13
  8. Get-to-know-DT.Org-s-Staff-6-Brice
  9. Please welcome our newest Facilitator Brian861
  10. New sanitation rules for all devices
  11. mae promoted to Special Projects Manager
  12. In Honor of Longtime member John Hanic