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  1. The Wolves - did you have any guess?
  2. Callahan's Story *Spoilers*
  3. Favorite moments of this book. *Spoilers*
  4. Why Wolves of the Calla Isn't my Favorite Book of the Series
  5. Why did Andy tell them...?
  6. The children...
  7. Dead people in todash
  8. The Waystation Scene *Possible spoilers for the series within*
  9. Thousand lost worlds of the rose *spoilers*
  10. Wolves Of The Calla Q&A. *spoilers
  11. Calvin's letter *main spoilers*
  12. Balazar drove the car?
  13. "Thee's a good man, Roland of Gilead." *SERIOUS spoilers*
  14. Jericho Hill - who betrayed the gunslingers? *spoilers*
  15. When did Jake become a gunslinger?
  16. Did Andy know the Gunslingers were headed toward the Calla when he warned Tian?
  17. Is it really good?
  18. Time in the keystone world