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  1. The Wolves - did you have any guess?
  2. Callahan's Story *Spoilers*
  3. Favorite moments of this book. *Spoilers*
  4. Why Wolves of the Calla Isn't my Favorite Book of the Series
  5. Why did Andy tell them...?
  6. The children...
  7. Dead people in todash
  8. The Waystation Scene *Possible spoilers for the series within*
  9. Thousand lost worlds of the rose *spoilers*
  10. Wolves Of The Calla Q&A. *spoilers
  11. Calvin's letter *main spoilers*
  12. Balazar drove the car?
  13. "Thee's a good man, Roland of Gilead." *SERIOUS spoilers*
  14. Jericho Hill - who betrayed the gunslingers? *spoilers*
  15. When did Jake become a gunslinger?
  16. Did Andy know the Gunslingers were headed toward the Calla when he warned Tian?
  17. Is it really good?
  18. Time in the keystone world
  19. The Losers Club podcast episode on Wolves of the Calla