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  1. Original or Revised, if you HAD to choose
  2. Roland's choice *HARD spoilers*
  3. Walter General Discussion: The Gunslinger **spoilers
  4. Your Favourite moments from this book
  5. Was it hard for you to read this book?
  6. Tull *possible spoilers*
  7. The Gunslinger Q&A *spoilers
  8. The audio book
  9. Why did Cort tell Roland and Cuthbert to...?
  10. Something cool I noticed in my Dark Tower re-read
  11. Why do people have a problem with The Gunslinger?
  12. The Gunslinger Revised: A Side by Side Comparison
  13. Finally figured out why people don't like The Gunslinger.... (read on)
  14. We deal in lead
  15. What did Allie see? (19)
  16. New England in King's Writing
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