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  1. Welcome to Gilead! and Spoiler Requirements
  2. When did you meet Roland? How many years ago? How old were you?
  3. Funniest Dark Tower moments ***SPOILERS***
  4. Your favourite quotes? :spoilers:
  5. Pronounciations -> Roll-end?
  6. Have you cried during the quest? ***END OF SERIES Spoilers***
  7. Nineteen and other coincidences...
  8. Your favourite book of the series?
  9. Stephen King Audio Books
  10. Do ye Ken, my cully? Yar!
  11. Step Over to the Dark Side...Have You Converted Anyone? How did you do it?
  12. DT Typos, Bloopers and Artwork Mistakes.
  13. Dark Tower Twins, Twinners & Reincarnations (Spoilers all around!!!)
  14. Dark Tower music and such ::SPOILERS::
  15. the DT movie thread
  16. The Dark Tower Q&A - Ask a question, get an answer! *spoilers*
  17. How Has the Series Affected Your Life?
  18. Would King have ever finished the series without the accident? *spoilers*
  19. Your order of the series.
  20. Have many times have you read the series?
  21. Roland at the McDonald's - worst ending ever /main spoilers/
  22. F you and the horse you rode in on?
  23. Rereading Diary - where are you? *spoilers*
  24. What Happened? Justifying the Fates of Characters...*spoilers
  25. Have you seen it? The Dark Tower in real life
  26. Dark Tower in different languages
  27. Your SCARIEST Dark Tower experience *spoiler alert*
  28. DT Questionnaire *Spoilers*
  29. What are your feelings on the later books?
  30. SK Time Travel: Rules, feasibility and Practical Application ***SPOILERS!!!
  31. The Dark Tower Chess Set...Who would be....
  32. What would have happened if... ?
  33. The Man Jesus? (Semantics, not a religious discussion)
  34. Who created the Dark Tower
  35. If you could ask King anything about the Dark Tower series...
  36. DT Comics to Wind Throught the Keyhole timeline error? ***SPOILERS***
  37. Kinda New To TDTS
  38. Little Sisters VS The Wind
  39. 19 ""Spoilers""
  40. Farson=Marten, say what?
  41. I don't get the timeline of events (some other Questions also included) *SPOILERS*
  42. Subtitles
  43. Andrew Lincoln looks like Roland in The Walking Dead
  44. Series End?
  45. Music Inspired By The Dark Tower
  46. I Would Love It If...
  47. Question about doors in Mid World
  48. What happened to Odetta of Keystone Earth (this is boggling my head)- spoilers...
  49. Jake's Ruger
  50. Nozz-o-la
  51. Could Netflix Produce ‘The Dark Tower’?
  52. The subtitles
  53. New here. My friend and I wrote out how we would adapt the series. Thought I'd share
  54. Questions Concerning the End ***MAJOR SPOILERS***
  55. Which Mistakes Sit Well With You, Which Don't???
  56. Dark Tower questions (SPOILERS GALORE!)
  57. Has anyone had an extreme connection to the storyline?
  58. Dark Tower related podcasts?
  59. A few questions about the storyline ***SPOILERS!!!!!!
  60. A Complete List Of The Songs In Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series
  61. Will the series's ending translate well to film? **SPOILERS**
  62. the numbers thing *spoilers*
  63. pop culture cameos *spoilers potentially*
  64. Walking in Roland's Boots
  65. When to read insomnia (Insomnia and DT spoilers)
  66. What is your personal ranking of the series?
  67. Role of Jake Chambers cast
  68. Roland's longcoat(s): specific quotes/excerpts?
  69. DT Character Development
  70. The trailer
  71. What King Characters would you like to see him revisit in his future novels?
  72. Dark Tower references in books NOT by Stephen King?
  73. My DT television series outline
  74. Scenes You Would Like To See in The Dark Tower Movie *SPOILERS*
  75. There are other worlds than these. – Explore The Dark Tower Connections
  77. Issues with Grant Publishing
  78. TWTTKH and water
  79. Susannah...anyone else find her character annoying?
  80. New Theory About the Dark Tower Books ****[SPOILERS ALL]****
  81. Questions about Rolands quest in the first book and then others (spoilers)
  82. Something I never thought about until now with the High and Low Speech
  83. Quote Search ... Help Requested