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  1. HOW TO: Keep track of your books
  2. HOW TO: Care for Your Dust Jackets
  3. HOW TO: Identify First Editions and First Printings
  4. HOW TO: Remove Stickers from Books
  5. HOW TO: Remove Smoke& Other Unwanted Smells from Books
  6. HOW TO: Insure Your Collectibles
  7. HOW TO: Grade the Condition of Your Books
  8. How To: Clean soiled page edges
  9. HOW TO: Simple Book Repair Manual
  10. HOW TO: Store/Pack Your Books for a Cross-Country Move
  11. HOW TO: Protective Covers For Your Books
  12. HOW TO: Prevent Dust From Accumulating on Books
  13. Remove Books while Flea Bombing
  14. HOW TO: Recondition The Stand S/L Case
  15. How To: Photograph Your Books
  16. Magazine Repair
  17. HOW TO: Replace the battery in the Whitney Museum stainless steel MY PRETTY PONY.
  18. HOW TO: Package Books Properly
  19. Cleaning Book Cloth
  20. UV Window Film
  21. How to upgrade the binding on a book
  22. Removing previous owners name
  23. How to Repair Bag of Bones Record Player
  24. How To Properly Store Your Books
  25. Dusting books
  26. Advice on displaying paperbacks
  27. 'Tis the season....