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  1. HOW TO: Keep track of your books
  2. HOW TO: Care for Your Dust Jackets
  3. HOW TO: Identify First Editions and First Printings
  4. HOW TO: Remove Stickers from Books
  5. HOW TO: Remove Smoke& Other Unwanted Smells from Books
  6. HOW TO: Insure Your Collectibles
  7. HOW TO: Grade the Condition of Your Books
  8. How To: Clean soiled page edges
  9. HOW TO: Simple Book Repair Manual
  10. HOW TO: Store/Pack Your Books for a Cross-Country Move
  11. HOW TO: Protective Covers For Your Books
  12. HOW TO: Prevent Dust From Accumulating on Books
  13. Remove Books while Flea Bombing
  14. HOW TO: Recondition The Stand S/L Case
  15. How To: Photograph Your Books
  16. Magazine Repair
  17. HOW TO: Replace the battery in the Whitney Museum stainless steel MY PRETTY PONY.
  18. HOW TO: Package Books Properly
  19. Cleaning Book Cloth
  20. UV Window Film
  21. How to upgrade the binding on a book
  22. Removing previous owners name
  23. How to Repair Bag of Bones Record Player
  24. How To Properly Store Your Books
  25. Dusting books
  26. Advice on displaying paperbacks