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  1. Tri-Bond!
  2. I'll start this show. fire flew from his fingertips as he resined up his bow
  3. What The See Wants, The Sea Will Have.
  4. Ice, Ice, Baby.
  5. She is the lady who can ease my sorrow, She sets the pace for my delivery of pain
  6. Don't smell the flowers. They're an evil drug to make you lose your mind.
  7. We Depart With Artillery
  8. So few know the pain, those that do are insane
  9. Does anyone know where the love of God goes
  10. Its about you and the sun, a morning run, the story of my maker..
  11. Yea, just keep on thinking its my fault. And stay an inch or two outta kicking distan
  12. You take a mortal man And put him in control Watch peoples heads roll
  13. Outside you balcony, I have a room with a view and I'm watching you
  14. Samson Went Back To Bed, Not Much Hair Left On His Head
  15. The words she spoke were of forgotten lives, And of all knowledge gained
  16. I Have A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
  17. If Only I Could Make A Deal With God, And Get Him To Swap Our Places
  18. Oh God What Have I Done, All I Wanted Was A Little Fun
  19. We're Gonna Take This One Nice .. And Easy.
  20. Orange Mocha Frappacino!
  21. Confusing coffee?
  22. sisyphus may have his boulder, but this eagle is twice as bad...
  23. Before and After
  24. If the war inside my head, won't take a day off soon I'll be dead.
  25. Now social control requires population termination
  26. Well I suppose you're thinking I bet he's sinking or he wouldn't get in touch with me
  27. I couldn't think of a title so i put this. I apologize in advance.
  28. I like to look at shadows sweating on the wall.
  29. I've prelived your dreams for you.
  30. Embryonic death Embedded in your brain Suffocation,Death is fucking you insane
  31. Or some fool drama queen who's chances were few?
  32. This wicked tongue says, "God is a million miles away."
  33. Overpopulation: A Media Sensation
  34. Stand On The Corner, With Your Face Stripped Of Colour.
  35. Igneous Flame - Stellar
  36. "Donate a riddle please"
  37. Ulf Lohmann - Java
  38. Everybody here thinks that he needs you.
  39. Zoviet France- I Felt The Breath Of My Assassin
  40. Soul In Limbo - The Glory Of Ages Past
  41. I am an animal, by God I am the Beast!
  42. Life ain't for you and I'm the cure.
  43. Litmus0001 - Crosseyed
  44. What am I?
  45. Offspring sent out to cry, Living mandatory suicide.
  46. And it's a eye for eye, Tooth for tooth, It's a lie, That's the truth
  47. Stevie Be Zet - Man In the Machine
  48. Stars of the Lid – I will surround you
  49. Lifecell - Embryo
  50. Janet Robbins – In The Beginning
  51. Darkened Soul - Wasteland
  52. Lealoop-Helix Nebula
  53. Did anyone ever notice in Paranoid: a chant, he gets off the bus near the dixie pig
  54. Michael Sterns and Ron Sunsinger – The Realm Of Magical Beings
  55. Eric The Viking – St. Anun
  56. You can do it your own way, if it's done just how I say.
  57. The shortest straw has been pulled for you
  58. Mooma - Hello Dawn Horizon
  59. In trouble for things I haven't got to yet
  60. Electroluddite – The Spirit Within
  61. Baked Beans – Heinz Roth has bean bad
  62. Liquid Zen - Forever Infinity
  63. Terra Ambient- Wisp
  64. All have said their prayers. Invade their nightmares!
  65. Tosca - Fluss
  66. go forth, and become a happy cabbage!
  67. Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon
  68. The Battle of the Quotes
  69. Klimek - New Deal
  70. Anomalous Disturbances – Strange Fruit
  71. Drifting In Silence – Process of Now
  72. Jim Cole & Spectral Voices - Shimmering Silhouettes
  73. As Lonely As Dave Bowman - Pod Three
  74. Dan Barrio - Warmth And Pause
  75. Ma Ja Le & James Johnson – Methane Sea
  76. Many Doors
  77. Mohammed Moves Mountains
  78. But I'm at home and I just don't belong
  79. Stephen Philips and James Johnson – Glacier Ridge Revisited
  80. Max Corbacho - Garden Of Revealed Flame
  81. Wondrous women I have known, each a riddle all her own
  82. The Winter Winds Will Be Much Colder, Now You're Not Here.
  83. Lilac Wine, So Sweet and Heady, Like Your Love.
  84. Oophoi – Isidis
  85. Craig Padilla And Zero Ohms - Hollow Dreams Of Worlds Passed
  86. And There's a Pretty Little Thing, Waiting For The King, Down In The Jungle Room.
  87. Jeffrey Koepper - Twilight
  88. when their eloquence escapes you,Their logic ties you up and rapes you
  89. Delerium - Lost Passion
  90. Arrocata - Weavers Needle
  91. The secret of the hanged man. The smile on his lips.
  92. 302 Acid - Mortariggus
  93. Learn every lesson--then live to regret it
  94. Tales Of War And Of Waste, But You Turn Right Over To The TV Page.
  95. i hear the train a comin'. it's rollin round the bend....
  96. Markus Guentner - Wenn Musik Der Liebe Nahrung Ist
  97. Wieland Samolak - Steady State Music 01
  98. We turn our heads toward the sky and listen for the steel
  99. Self Oscillate – Vocanology 3
  100. Loop Guru – Nature Of The Whole
  101. Let Down And Hanging Around, Crushed Like A Bug In The Ground.
  102. Speak To Me Of Universal Law, A Whores Hustle and the Hustler's Whore.
  103. Death in life is your ideal
  104. Welcome Back, Kotter
  105. Go Speed Racer!!!
  106. Asana Sequence Four - David V Gregoli
  107. "Late, as in 'the late Dentarthurdent'."
  108. I....AM....IRON MAN!!!
  109. Immersion Theory - The Icarus Foray
  110. Stars Of The Lid – Don’t Bother, They’re Here
  111. The Edge Of Infinity - Alpha Wave Movement
  112. Unknown Comic... bag on his head *goooong*
  113. You know it isn't only madmen who listen to fools.
  114. Fortunes are lost on the women I've seen but without you I can't breathe!
  115. My train of thought has been derailed
  116. Triple Moon - Industrial Dream
  117. Pilgrim sunrise, pagan sunset
  118. Alpha Wave Movement & Jim Cole - Samui Bislama
  119. Doktor Faustus - And Spaces That Are Endless - Desert Twilight
  120. Mystical Sun; Mythology And Dreams; After Materia Cloudland
  121. Chain Letters from Satan
  122. LVX
  123. Perimeter – Barren Wasteland
  124. Ian Ion - To My Future Past - Gringo Locomotion
  125. Gunshai - Low Cloud Over Bhattach
  126. Arve Henriksen - Chiaroscuro
  128. You Are My Sunshine and I'm Wearing Sunscreen
  129. Little Bo Peeping Tom
  130. Matt Coldrick - Crown Violet Selflessness - Music For A Busy Head
  131. Justin Vanderberg A Quite Distraction In Waking Moments
  132. Future Music Corp: Out There, Somewhere
  133. Resonant Drift - Flow Mingled Down (Track 4) - Flow Mingled Down
  134. Valhalla waits, Valkyries rise and fall
  135. Tom Heasley-Where The Earth Meets The Sky-Where The Earth Meets The Sky
  136. No Games...Just Sports...Nike
  137. I paid for my sins with the sale of my soul.
  138. Pain, Death and War, Religion Has A lot to Answer For.
  139. Let me take you on an awkward journey.
  140. Oh, the Bunyip's going to get you in the Bunyip moon
  141. I don't wanna die, I'm a God, Why can't I live on?
  142. Oh...i never felt so strange, But...i'm not going insane
  143. Attention Please!
  144. In Through The Out Door and back again
  145. The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
  146. Lightwave - Cantus Umbrarm - Track 11
  147. The Most Difficult Riddle I've Ever Faced
  148. E=MC² you can't relate. How we made God with our hands.
  149. divine intervention
  150. *SPOILER!* The Most Difficult Answer I've Ever Given...FULL EXPLANATION.
  151. We are shadows of the One and Holy Ghost
  152. Suicide or Not?
  153. I can't understand all the lies. But on your death bed I can see it in your eyes
  154. A thousand words
  155. Lucifer was just an angel led astray.
  156. Falling You – Reading The Leaves (By Moonlight)
  157. All The Pretty Things - The Gravity Of Your Smile - ISOL
  158. Deep Chill Network – Suspended Angel
  159. Beef Terminal – The Grey Knowledge
  160. Robert Scott Thompson Real And Imaginary Silent Shore
  161. Dan Barrio - Warmth And Pause - This Physical World
  162. Loscil – Cloister – First Narrows
  163. We are cast out by our bloody father's hand
  164. Our destination; away from this nightmare
  165. Dilate –Cyclos- Cyclos
  166. Dead Texan - La Ballade D'Alain Georgee - The Dead Texan
  167. in the mood
  168. Discrete Logic - Big Beat - Texture
  169. Tuu – Exile - One Thousand Years
  170. Seed - Sight Wave Relock - Vertical Memory
  171. Gunshai - I Fought The Moon - Traveling Without Memory
  172. Dobie-Way Over-The Sound of One Hand Clapping Version 2.5
  173. Brian Parnham-From Rush To Rust-Between Here & There
  174. David Sylvian-Answered Prayers-Gone To Earth
  175. Craig Padilla And Zero Ohms-Hollow Dreams Of Worlds Passed-Path Of Least Resistance
  176. J Arif Verner- Heart Of The Pearl- From A Distant Horizon
  177. Mico Nonet - Between Two Trees- The Marmalade Balloon
  178. Didn't write it, just rhymed it....
  179. Robert Winfield- Flight Of Dream- Finish of the Vanishing
  180. Kent Sparling Air, Stars Leaf Spring
  181. My first riddle on these forums!
  182. Insert Your Own Title Here
  183. Lyricism Of Symmetry- Mere Mortals- Floatation
  184. We Three Kings of Orient Are, Tried to Smoke a Rubber Cigar
  185. Biosphere -Fluxgate - Commissioned
  186. Mind Over Matter - Under The Stars - A Night In Mogul's Garden
  187. Make you an offer you can't refuse. You've only got your soul to lose
  188. Boards Of Canada- Wildlife Analysis- Music Has the Right to Children
  189. Crambo
  190. An oldie but a goodie
  191. Vidna Obmana- The Ominous Dwelling- The River Of Appearance
  192. Gel-Sol ...Mourning Wok... IZ
  193. Nothing Ventured... Nothing Gained
  194. Prior & Ensuing
  195. Uranium fingers jab the desert sky.
  196. Talking to you is like clapping with one hand
  197. Our destination - away from this nightmare
  198. Huckleberry Juju- David Bowles-This Insubstantial Pageant
  199. Billy
  200. What's in a Name?
  201. Madam, I'm Adam
  202. Easy Peasy 2
  203. Easy Peasy 3
  204. we need a riddle revival!
  205. 25% of one is one
  206. This Land is Your Land
  207. Good Mourning
  208. 518 Vs Joel - The Singularity - Wein, Weib und Gesang
  209. Verbrilli Sound-Boda Beings-Many Coloured Butterflies
  210. World Capitals for $100, Alex!
  211. Wheel of Fortune
  212. Levantine
  213. Auto-motivated
  214. Window shopping