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Pat Delgado is a fictional character in author Stephen Kingís The Dark Tower series. Official stockliner for the Mejis Barony, Pat Delgado took care of Mayor Thorinís horses in exchange for the use of his land.

Red-haired and red-bearded, Pat Delgado was an easygoing man and content to allow things to unfold on their own.

Pat loses his wife at a young age, forcing him to raise his daughter alone. When his sister Cordelia had nowhere else to go, Pat took her in to help him raise Susan. Although the two women were often at odds with each other, Pat loved them both enough to make them love each other. His death caused a breakdown in the relationship between his daughter and his sister.

When Pat would not ally himself with John Farson, he was killed by members of the Horsemenís Association. Susan was told her father was killed when his horse, Ocean Foam, rolled over him after being spooked by a snake.

Original artwork by aurora



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