Mutants are fictional characters in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. A result of poisons left behind by the Great Old Ones, mutants can be found in all parts of Mid-World.

It is apparent that during the Great Old Ones’ time, there was either some sort of chemical or biological warfare or a horrific destructive accident. Women gave birth to monsters and animals were born with extra limbs or their internal organs on the outside. The practice of trying to breed “normal” animals to produce threaded stock was common.

Mutated animals could also be found in nature. Roland and his ka-tet came across a hive of albino bees on their way to Lud. The insects were slow-moving, white and likely producing poisonous honey. In addition, their hive was a hideous, misshapen thing.

In the fields of Calla Bryn Sturgis,swarms of mutant wasps existed. The swarm that attacked Tian Jaffords uncle supposedly had stingers the size of nails.

The most horrifying mutants are the slow mutants that infest the underground railways of Mid-World. The slow mutants have green phosphorescent skin, and some have insect eyes or suckered tentacles.

Many of Maine’s walk-ins are also slow mutants, while others are the Children of Roderick, a band of wandering slow mutants that owe allegiance to the line of Eld. In spite of this allegiance, many Children of Roderick serve as groundskeepers in the Devar-toi. The Rods look like lepers with radiation poisoning, and one should never touch their skin as they carry many diseases that can be easily transmitted.



Furth, Robin. Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance. Scribner, 2006. ISBN 0743297342

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