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Marten Broadcloak is a fictional character in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Although Marten was officially known as Steven Deschain’s sorcerer, he was in reality an enemy of the Affiliation.

Marten seduced Roland’s mother, Gabrielle Deschain, and saw to it that Roland found out, as a way to force the boy to an early test of manhood. Marten’s plan was to have the boy sent west, and therefore get him out of the way, but Roland surprised him by passing his test.

Later, Gabrielle conspires to kill her husband Steven. It is likely that the poisoned knife she intended to use was provided by Marten, but this plan is also thwarted by Roland, and costs Gabrielle her life.

As John Farson’s wizard, Marten is the force attempting to tear the Affiliation apart.

Original artwork by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove



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