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Jamie DeCurry is a fictional character in author Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Born with a pronounced birthmark on his face, Jamie spends much of his life trying to prove himself in order to overcome his physical difference.

Jamie is a descendant of Amadeus DeCurry, who was private physician to Arthur Eld. The DeCurry skills in medicinal arts are passed from father to son for generations. Jamie’s father tries unsuccessfully to treat his birthmark, and his inability to remove it causes Jamie to be teased by other children growing up. This causes Jamie to harbor some anger and resentment regarding his childhood, and fosters a desire to prove himself through his physical prowess rather than medical skills. Jamie is noticed by Cort and chosen to train as a gunslinger.

Jamie’s anger and aggression cause him to take chances his fellow gunslingers would not, and he is known as a practical joker, a trait most likely developed to draw attention away from the birthmark on his face.

Jamie once said Roland had eyes in his fingers, and could therefore shoot blindfolded. His favorite weapons were the bow and arrow as well as the bah and bolt. Although not as accomplished in the medical arts as his ancestors, Jamie knew enough to treat many common ailments and injuries common to gunslingers. He often kept a small stash of medicinal herbs on his belt for this purpose.

Jamie is killed at Jericho Hill by a sniper, believed by Roland to be either Grissom or his eagle-eyed son.

Original artwork by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove



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