Absolutely NO spam/advertising/my site is so cool stuff. I really do NOT want to be the wiki police. If you're here to advertise, please pick a different forum.

If you want to add to the knowledge base, that's great. Really, you're making my job a LOT easier! PLEASE be as literate as possible - I'm not expecting Shakespeare here, but SPELLING and GRAMMAR count. Don't be lazy, people. I know you're better than that.

You have all proven to me time and time again how insightful/thoughtful/articulate you can be. Impress me. It's really not that hard. I TRULY give bonus points for effort, and yes, I DO know the difference between people who are serious about what they are doing and people who aren't. Be serious. I know the vast majority of you are awesome, knowledgeable people, and really, you know, I love you all for it.

That said, any poster who abuses wiki protocol/cannot stay on topic/instigates arguments in the discussion forums will be placed in mod queue until such time as the Content and Collections Managers/Directors determine the person in question intends to be a serious contributor to the wiki.

Please, people, see to it I never have to do this. I don't mind the occasional gentle reminder, but don't push it. As I've said before, and will say again (probably to the point where you'll all want to strangle me) you have many forums to play in. This is NOT one of them. If Stephen King himself were to come here, I'd want him to say "Holy cow, I should have hired these people instead of Robin Furth!" (Sorry Robin!)

Please adhere to the general look of other articles. Think of it as an online encyclopedia - you expect a certain format in an encyclopedia, right? Well, the same goes here. I want this to be consistent, easily searchable, and easily understood. The more uniform we can make things the better off we are. For the purposes of Towerpedia!, all Dark Tower novels and comics are considered canon. No, this is not up for discussion. Sorry.

If you don't understand BB code, please PM me or email me at and I will be happy to help you, or do it for you, if necessary. I know we all have different levels of Internet savvy, and I'd rather you ask for help than create a bunch of work for me later (yeah, I'm lazy like that). I promise I will not think less of you. I was once a newbie too.

Pictures can also be uploaded to the Member Gallery to be used in the articles. Detailed instructions on how to do that and a help thread can be found here. Please make a note of the artist if you put a graphic in your article. Every article that has artwork should have a reference or link to the artist - just check out existing articles for examples, or PM or email me if you need help.

This is NOT a general chat forum. If you don't like the content under a heading you see, or if you think something is questionable, PLEASE click on the "Discussion" link at the bottom of the article and bring it up there. DO NOT edit an entry unless you can back up your information - I can and WILL ask you. If you're not sure, the discussion function is the way to go. As Content and Collections Manager, I reserve the right to be the final word on any disagreement, but I do encourage friendly discussion and debate.

Remember, this is a wiki. It is designed to be a collaborative effort and anyone is allowed to edit anything at any time. I check recent changes several times a day, so I will see you've changed something and I will look at it. If the entry is valid I will only check it for spelling/grammar, but if I feel it's not correct, or if I need clarification, I will ask you to explain. If you can back up your facts, there's no problem. I'm not the wiki Nazi, I'm just a glorified fact-checker. I'm not going to scream and yell at you if you screw up. I just want to make sure we have the most accurate information available. A lot of you probably can quote DT chapter and verse better than I can, and I have learned the value of not pointing fingers and jumping to conclusions, because that usually blows up in my face. So, what I guess I am trying to say is, don't be afraid to edit or add a new article. I'll look at it, I'll be happy you've decided to be a contributor, and I may fix a spelling/grammar error here and there, but 99.9% of the time that's it. And, if I'm not sure, I'll start a discussion thread on your article and pick the brains of others on this site. That is what makes a wiki so cool. Everyone can participate. I'm just kind of the gatekeeper.

Although I am kind of possessive of it, it's not MY wiki, it's YOUR wiki, all of yours, so you don't need to ask my permission to change anything. I'm happy to have people share their knowledge, and that is essentially what a wiki is all about. I'll check what you've done, but you'll probably never even notice.

Please add references to your entries. A fairly comprehensive list can be found on the [[references]] page (and, it's a wiki, so if you see an item is missing, please feel free to add it - just stick to the existing format, please.) You can cut and paste what you need from there as a time-saver.

The whole point here is to have a definitive, ACCURATE, Dark Tower wiki. I will NOT tolerate random goofiness here. You have plenty of forums to play in. This is NOT one of them. (Told you you'd be tired of me saying that).

And, for my serious contributors, I say thankee-sai. This would not be the awesome place it is without you. Keep up the good work and spread good KA wherever you go.

And never, EVER, forget the face of your father.

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