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The Great Old Ones are fictional characters in author Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series. Also known as the Old People, the Great Old Ones were masters of science and technology.

The Great Old Ones used their superior knowledge of the sciences for financial gain, forming corporations such as North Central Positronics to profit from their inventions.

Unfortunately, the Great Old Ones were not as concerned with the outcomes of their inventions as they were turning a profit. While some of their accomplishments were beneficial, more often than not they caused harm by polluting their environment and causing radiation poising, which eventually rendered them sterile.

The advancement in technology the Old Ones were able to achieve allowed them to manipulate the multiverse. These advancements, however, were accomplished with little or no knowledge of how the multiverse worked.

The byproduct of the Great Old Onesí inventions and achievements were the creation of many mutant species, and eventually led to nuclear and chemical catastrophes that ended their way of life and plunged the world into a Dark Age that lasted until the rise of Arthur Eld, over 1,000 years later.

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