Stephen King Manuscripts, Proofs and ARC's:Carrie

Title: Carrie
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Doubleday (USA).
Year: Publication date was originally February 1974, it was then moved to April 8th, 1974 but finally ended up being published on April 15th, 1974
  • White Galley Proof (White wraps with info glued to front, slightly larger than the green Doubleday proofs)
  • Uncorrected Green Proof
  • 'Special Reading Copy'.
Print run: unknown.
Issue Price: Original price was to be $6.95, $1.00 more than the price ended up being.
Comments: the 'special reading copy' should be considered an ARC. The true proof was considered to be a myth until member neo_trinity shared a photo of his copy. So far, it is the only known existing copy. In addition another White Final Gallery proof has now been found by member Lot Guy. The Final Galley Proof preceded the Green Carrie Proof and is the earliest “Proof” of King’s first Novel Carrie. The Carrie Font and design that would later be the title page and cover of the ARC had not yet been determined

White Final Galley Proof:

Green Carrie proof

'Special reading Copy'

Image sources: neo_trinity, biomieg, Lot Guy
Description: biomieg

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