Stephen King Manuscripts, Proofs and ARC's:Bag of Bones

Publisher: Scribner (USA).
Year of publication: 1998.
State: 1) "Second Draft" manuscript (white wrappers with black tape spine), 2) unsigned ARC, 3) signed ARC (both with trade edition cover art).
Print run: unknown number of manuscripts and unsigned ARCs, 100 signed/inscribed ARCs with publisher's letter.
Comments: the manuscript slipcase in the picture is 'aftermarket'.

Publisher's letter:

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (UK).
Year of publication: 1998.
States: 1) gray proof, 2) green proof, 3) 'holographic' proof.
Print run: unknown.
Comments: the 'holographic' proof is by far the most common state. Both the gray and holographic proofs usually come with a green cardboard slipcase - I'm not sure about the green one. It's not clear why there are three states but the green state seems to have been handed out to the attendants of an event associated with the forthcoming publication of the book.

Image sources: Merlin1958, Mr. Rabbit Trick, jhanic, unknown (Hutch?), unknown, biomieg.
Description: biomieg.

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