Well, since nobody commented on this thread, Im gonna dare to be the first one

I remember seeing the book in a bookstore many years ago, but it wasnt until a couple of years ago that I read the book.

I have to admit I watched the series before I read the book and I liked both. I didnt know much about the assasination of Kennedy, so it was an added plus for me to learn a bit more about it. And I always liked the time travel topic and its possible paradoxes.

The love story between the teachers was nice (sorry, but I dont remember their names), how he sacrified their love story for her own good and it was really nice when he goes to meet her in the present and dances with her. The part of the story where he saves the family of her future student was also a good addition to the book, who wouldnt have done something like that having the chance?

About the main story, I think King did stick to what really (or shoud I say "officially") happened (after reading the book I learnt about all the conspiracy theories) and I liked that the world after saving him wasnt what I think most of the people thought it would be.

In short, another S.K book that I liked. It was good to read about a "normal" story, a book where the only "crazy" thing was the time travel. Ohter than that, everything could have been possible in real life, if you know what I mean.

I hope some other reads have go after me

Read you soon!