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Are these all sold out? I am a little confused. First, do they replace the cover (dustjacket) with all of these new ones? If they are not all sold out, how can one buy one. I am little confused when I go to the websites of those companies.
Pretty much sold out yes. The designs were only available on the 1st printings. after that the boards are blank. It may be possible to find the odd one or two in a bookstore (condition might be an issue as it will have been handled repeatedly by now), but any book bought online will almost certainly be a later printing. If you just want one and are not bothered which design, I may be able to locate one for you. PM me.
No that's OK. I missed it, I missed it. Oh well. I am not that much of a fanatic yet. I have seen them on eBay already so if I want them, I am sure I can find them when the time comes. Thanks though.