Six Stories - S/L

Title: Six Stories
Author: Stephen King
Artist: Designed by Michael Alpert
Publisher: Philtrum Press
Publication Year: 1997
State: Paperbound. Signed Numbered 1/1,100
Issue Price: $80
Comments: 1,100 numbered-900 in Arabic, 200 in Roman Numerals, 28 "proof" copies and 10 "presentation" copies were produced. 900 numbered copies were sold on a first come, first serve basis directly from the publisher.

For reasons still unclear, the book was not done in hardback. An aftermarket traycase ($40) and slipcase ($25) was sold by Stu Tinker's Bett's Bookstore. Stu had two different production runs for the traycases. The first run had white lining, and the second had black lining. Some consider the second run to be inferior to the first.

A collection of six stories-two of which: "L.T.'s Theory of Pets" and "Autopsy Room Four" appeared in print for the first time.
The six stories included:
Autopsy Room 4
- Blind Willie
- L.T's Theory Of Pets
- Lucky Quarter
- Lunch At The Gotham Cafe
- The Man in the Black Suit

Text and images provided by Randall Flagg

Michael Alpert Letter

Proof Copy

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